Season Three (Book Three: Fire) of Avatar: The Last Airbender, an American animated television series on Nickelodeon, first aired its 21 episodes from. Main article: Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 3) 46, 6, "The Avatar and the Fire Lord", JM Animation. The title refers to the Avatar Cycle: water, earth, fire, and air, and the book primarily The Complete Book 3 Collection's cover features Avatar Aang in the.

Avatar Book 3 Fire

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Book 3: Fire, Volume 1 is a DVD containing episodes one to five from Book Three : Fire and bonus material. Episodes "The Awakening", "The Headband", "The. The Complete Book 3 Collection is the boxed set containing all twenty-one episodes from Book Three: Fire and bonus material. Having survived the terrible . Product Description. Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph are going undercover to infiltrate the Fire Nation. Their goal is to get to the Palace where they hope to.

The boy ended up developing a conscience that would compel him to do the right thing and aid the Avatar in his righteous quest. They needed to figure out a way out of Chameleon Way, but it seemed impossible Ironically enough, they were able to do so in the middle of the sea, which certainly says something.

After all, the Fire Nation would've certainly launched a manhunt for the Avatar's friends.

So, in a bid to avoid any unwanted attention, Team Avatar decided to disguise themselves as members of the Fire Nation. This was done in a successful bid to avoid attention Team Avatar also needed to figure out a way to move around and not stay in one position, lest they become a target of the very nation they were striving to imitate. Thus, the best course of action for them to take was to take over a Fire Nation ship so that they would have access to the vast ocean.

Out of all the disciplines, it was the Earth Kingdom that had stuck around the longest and constantly fought against the Fire Nation to stay free. However, this resolve was shattered following the demise of Avatar Aang.

The Fire Nation forces were simply too much to bear, and Ba Sing Se finally fell after years of meddling and attacks by the Fire Nation's vast and imposing military. By all accounts, the Fire Nation would've executed him after this capture, so the king didn't waste a single second in trying to save his hide.

With his trusty bear Bosco at his side, the Earth King decided to tuck his tail and run as far away as possible. After doing so, he decided to adopt a disguise and roamed the world, seeking the perfect time to rise from the shadows and strike. This snapped them out of their lull state and sent them on full alert as they sent their forces on a worldwide manhunt to capture the Avatar.

Book Three: Fire

So, when the news came out that the Avatar had passed away, then it's obvious that the Fire Nation would breathe a sigh of relief and relax. After all, according to them, there was no real threat to the throne anymore.

However, it seems that the Revolution did not lose all their hope, as they chose to go ahead with the plan to take over the Fire Nation Capital on the day of the Black Sun. So, it was quite a shock to see that Team Avatar was able to cross this pass without any worries Some people might be fine with the fact that the creators decided not to revisit a place they'd already explored before, while others were less-than-enthused at the fact that this seemingly intimidating pass was ignored without so much as a second thought.

In fact, the impact of this apparent demise was so severe that a large portion of the Revolution simply up and quit. They simply couldn't deal with the fact that their savior had passed away for good. The idea of staying under the thumb of a tyrannical ruler didn't really sit well with anyone.

However, after news spread around that the Fire Nation had taken care of the Avatar, this mentality started to shift. Couple this with the fact that Ba Sing Se had fallen, and more and more people had resigned themselves to the fact that the Fire Nation would rule the world for a considerable span of time.

For eons, the Avatar was looked up to as the person who would ensure that everything in the world would stay balanced at all times. But with his untimely passing, everything took a turn for the worse.

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 3 Fire E02 The Headband

The hope of the people was no more since the source itself had been fizzled out by a dramatic burst of lighting. The next two episodes are a two-parter in which Zuko and Sokka form the most unlikely duo imaginable in order to liberate Sokka's girlfriend, Suki, and Sokka's father from a maximum security Fire Nation prison.

Zuko finally turns to the side of good, despite the late transformation. Although the creators feel differently, the lack of change in at the end of season two came off as rather cheap after everything that happened.

Know another quote from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 3: Fire?

The turning point for Zuko seems like the plot element was altered only to make Zuko's significant change less predictable. However, just because a story element is predictable does not necessarily make an event the story is building towards bad.


The fate of Suki and the Kiyoshi warriors is finally revealed as fans have been left to wonder since season 2, what happened to Suki. The problem with the Suki plot is that Suki and the Kiyoshi warriors were all but forgotten until Azula mentions Suki's capture and imprisonment in the second part of "The Day of Black Sun".

The two-part "The Boiling Rock" special does do a good job in establishing a strong relationship between Zuko and Sokka. Zuko seeks to help Sokka regain his honor, since Sokka feels responsible for the failure of the invasion of the Fire Nation. Of course, Zuko knows a thing or two about struggling to regain honor.

Aang, the hero of the series, barely appears in these episodes.They simply couldn't deal with the fact that their savior had passed away for good.

avatar book 3

As the eclipse begins, Sokka, Aang, and Toph search for the Fire-Lord, but only find Azula in an underground bunker, and give chase to her. But, at the last moment, when Roku was overcome by volcanic gases, Sozin realized that he could rule the world if he let Roku die, and he abandoned him.

Toon Zone. At the end of the episode, Sokka gives Toph a piece of the meteorite. For Your Consideration". During his exile, it seems that the advice and company of Uncle Iroh actually had more of an effect on Zuko than was expected.