PDF | 30 minutes read | The process of managing the blood bag that is received from the blood donation events needs a proper and systematic management. A Project Presentation on Blood Bank Management System Submitted To: Department of Computer Science, Ganpat University, Submitted By: Internal. SRS on Blood Bank Management System Objective The main objective of this Blood sales and blood download are entered and maintained in this project.

Blood Bank Management System Project Pdf

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The Senior Project committees of the Department of Information Technology, Context Diagram of Blood Bank Management System. The Project describes the system blood bank management system. This report will help you to know in deep the actual work that has been done as a team work. I made a mini project on blood bank named Smart Blood Bank and this is Page 5 The Project describes the Smart Blood Bank management system. . 20Tec h/ Blood%20Banking/ 3. 4.

It means 24 x 7 availability. Security The system use SSL secured socket layer in all transactions that include any confidential customer information. The system must automatically log out all customers after a period of inactivity Performance The system is interactive and the delays involved are less.

When connecting to the server the delay is based editing on the distance of the 2 systems and the configuration between them so there is high probability that there will be or not a successful connection in less than 20 seconds for sake of good communication.

Reliability As the system provide the right tools for problem solving it is made in such a way that the system is reliable in its operations and for securing the sensitive details.

Advantages Easy to understand and implement.

Testing in each phase. Documentation Available after each phase. Most Suitable for single projects where work products are well defined and their functioning is understood. Disadvantages Once detecting error at any face it may be required that the precede subsidy faces may change.

Risk is not addressed in this model. Errors are detected after each Phase of Development. It is Single and Small Project. Why not Other Models?

Incremental Model It is based on large projects. Prototype Model The need of the expertise is very important in this model. Risk is not addressable. Related Papers.

By syed haider. Course Title: By hammad tariq.

By Ajmal Noori. Development of a Blood Bank Management System. By Arafat Bin Reza.

By Rushikesh Lahane. Download pdf.

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Blood Bank Management System

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Graf, S. Katz and E. Hogman, G. Majone, G.Published on Feb 25, You just clipped your first slide! If in case blood group is not available in blood bank they can also g contact numbers of the persons who has the same blood group he is need. Testing is the set of activities that can be planned in advance and conducted systematically. For the verification and validation of data various-nesting task are performed.