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Episode 2. Hector goes shopping. Hector needs a new look and the [email protected]! English is a brand new television series that will help you learn English. There are 30 episodes of [email protected]! This workbook contains fun activities and an extra page of grammar practice at the back of this book, to accompany each episode. DownloadExtra english workbook 2 pdf. nbsp unsaturated fats for a selected date , 7 and 30 day averages. DriversGraphics CardsSiS Corporation Download. This Pin was discovered by alex pole. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

A Co mp. D Choose someone in the group to act out the 'thank you' speech. Tha nk e. Bridget ls complaining to Chrissy about thlings happening in her apartment. That's OK. Episode S Say 50rnefhin'g exfr 1 Wo rk in grou ps. Wdte a short 'thank you' speech.

Writeall1 email to a friend. Rock Th rusti YOU: An nie: Complain dlbout the fo IIowi ng til lngs: A message' for who?

An n De. A message for who? Rock Thrust? I'm SQrTY. Imagi net hat yo u have just: B Write the instructions for preparing a simple dish. Use these verbs. Co uld this be the start of a new romance? W'h at does An III ie do?

C apply for? I How much can you. She's crazy about me! A Befo re yo u wa tc h Pa rt on e r match eac h of B rldget's lin es with on e of th e pictu res. It's OK. Episode 6.

I'll stick it back together. A Tick th e co rrnct mea n ing of these Iines. Your Ufe will be turned upside down. She thinks I'm wonderful. Q Bridget: From now on it'U be a Life will get better.. N lck and H ector steall the message [alpe 8 'fro m Brl dger's boss. Emily mighc fe'tum.

Hector goes. That's fa nta sticl which order dld Nick and Hector visit the Well" I am going to the traffic liights.

Are these sentences true e was not the dryclea ni ng: Tick the most likely answer. In this epis. It's ten to ten! Why is ths tiime importa nt? Why ca n't H ector say thiis to the shopkeepers? What did Emily do? The phone call! An nie f nds the' lottery ticket 0 n Nick's bed. Have yOU' 6 found he ticker? Wily is Hector su rprised when he sees the dress 'from the d ry-dea n er's?

Part fw"'o. J a girl Nick knows well b]. Bra agel watches rh e lone ry on TV without the so und Oil. Iuck line. Remember waittless? Add deta ils fe. B Worik: No No 21 a She thinks II'm still very young. So far in extr. Yes She's in. Ii How much can you remember? How does Bridget feel about Nick? IbJShe thinks he's boring. Choose the best explanation of these Tn this episode What do you think? Will there be misunderstandings.. Hethlnks she's arrracrlve. Who is Chrissy?

Does she borrow some clothes from Bridgell? Give extr information in your answers. Hector an d A nn UE! Bridget talking to her sister Chrissy at the beginning of the pl'Ogramme? What's the diifFerenee.. A Match the questions on the left with the re p lies on the righ t.. Episode 7 8. J '''.. I luggage? Which is.

I'd like to. Bridget or Chrissy? You want her to like you. Episode 7 B Answe r th ese 'q uesti a ns. Your secret is safe with me.

Who says these lines. I wiill make you disappear. I have something to ask you. S 7 Hector asks An she accepts. Watch Part two and a'l1swer these quest ions.

I will malk. Anni is the last to know that there are iii ie to go totne dn erna and. What is Hector's question to Annie? H ector is confusad because Bri dget says di fferent th iIilgs about. A Before you watch Part three. I interrupring?

Now watch and check.. Write an email to a friend.. S When is ttl e post goi rig to. Whalt is mly best friend d oi ng now? A Change these questions mto questions you ask yourself. Episode 7 B Work in pairs.. Wou id you like to come to the ci nem a tomorrow night? Which film would you like to s e? Hector I An n i e: Wou Id yo u like to have som eth irig to eat afterwa rds?

Where we uId you like to gOo? What lime shall we meet? Asking yourself aJ. Co n1 p lete t he. Imagine Hector or Annie' is.. Talk about two or three things which have happened to you r-ecently. Check the nleaning very tired it" " L. IJsted hedgehog rhinoceros What do you thi nk Bri dlget is hold irig?

Hove you put up shelves before. What is Hector's answer? Th is note iis on the doors Read it and tick the correct answer. J a He throws it away. I Annie instru ctio rns? She dances like a a rhinoceros. A Part Watch thrree.. I will download YOLI a million a s l1eep. Eunice' is.

Tick the most likely anSWer. S Hector offers to help with tlhe shelves. Part three and find the correct. Nick's type. Are theSJe sentences true or false? Episode 8 Part hvo. Nick has a black eye after a fight with Eunice.

B Tick what Hector te Eun jc. The shelvesl b You 'finished c You broke thernl them! I r han d d ri 11 k coffee before you go to sl eep. Bridget th in ks that Eunlee sl ngs I iIkea toad. Work in pairs.

I agree. The good news is The good news that.. Choose three of the examples and make o mini-conversations. E Act out your conversations for the rest. II'm sure Eunice has" wonderful voice. B Read out your conversation tn the rest of the class. And Hector says that she da n oes like a rhlnoceros. The good news isthat.

I'm sur-e she's.. Com plete Itbe exfrfij 1 sentences with suitable comparisons. She dances the salsa very well. I've met wo nderlfiul girl! If we sary this, do we mean it will or won't happen? Try to predict what happens, Tick t he co rrect answer. Which of these things did Bridget do today? What is Channel 9 looking for'? Wily does Bridger want Hector to audltion? Rule number one: A Before yo u watc h Pa rt two,.

Use these phrases. I" m su r'e you' III be a very good reporter. Hi B uidgetl I thought you were too angry 1 Shut up, Nick. How dare you? How dare I,what? So rry; Bridget. He was ri diculous, 'H i, sexy,. Of cou rse he 4. How doss Brldget feel abo ut her. Bridget goes to the airport to see Sting, but she doesn't see him. Eunice is! Bridget's liIew boss. AWo rk in pairs. It's about love, madness and murder..

E Work in groups. Think of three rules to he,lp someone with one of the, followlng: B, Tell you: And worse sritr,. What a d;;tyl I was late for co 1[1 ege, I had a terrib[l haircut. Som eone stn I[e'my wa llet I pu rse,. Check the R1'eaning.

Nick 4 Who made popcorn? Are the gu inea IPlgs Bridget's pets? Yes IS a small animal. What is the. Is An nie. These a re alii ki II'Ids of what? Does this mean separate In this episode What do you th ink? Keep my babies safe. I'll tall the others. What does An nie say om th e ph 0 ne? Call me! Keep my babies. David Beckham them.

A dog is for love. Don't tell the others' b Yes. Tlck the correct answer.

Episode to L. What does it say? What happens? I will call you.. I Very im po rta ntl Keep my babies safe. It's 6 aim. Blac k. Tell the others. I'm readingabout e Animals are like people.

Extra english workbook 2 pdf

Vltilat happens when Nick changes chain nels on the TV? She's e 4 Where I g. The guinea pigs eat part of Bridget's dress". Now watch and answerthese al a cosmetics factory 2 questions.

Nick do when he takes the guinea pigs into the gjrls' flat? Bafn re you wa tc h Pa rt two.. It Channel S Why is Annie angry with Hector? Ask questions llke this: J elTlail! A Wriite an emall about three of your future pians for the rest of today and tomorrow. Who was if? C Work in groups of three. R2adIyo ur partner's em ail.

Match the. Jg to download a new pah' of trainer's this qtenmon.. My 7lume is Nick. Is she your gir. C Read you r pa rtn errs 'q uesti 0 ns a Ii1 d answer them in another email. GJ kind of trainftn. Work Ii n pal res. Work in pairs Choose two of the sentences inA to start mini-conversations. Who doesn't work at Channel 9? Is Hector going home to 4 sh e's crazy c she's rnadlv in love with me Argentina?

Yes 'Yes Yes Nlo No No d J you say th is when sorneone's ha ir ts its rea I colou r e obvious about me 5 a date 6 easy to see f] so rneth ing you say to try and make someone fancy you. Eunice is a vl"itch. Cha I1! Sh e enj oys her work Ve Job at her she I. One tho usand pounds? Afil ni. A Try to p red icr the co nversati 0 n between Bridget and Nick. Olil to.. Bridget is successful when she chats lip the man a t the other 7 S ta ble.

I re b you r passport.

Extra English Workbook 1 Free Download

B Watc h P'3rt th reea nd choose th e co rrect Nlick: A Before you watch Part two" match the two parts of thes lines.. Nick arrives at the airport without passport his 5 They don't realise that the waitress spea Ik Engl ish. Bri d get:: Are these sentenoes true A Look at the photo of Bridget and decide wh ich se nten ce descri bes it best. And how dO' you B: I'm not sm i!. What's th e wordlfo: LCIS A: Me toot A: Wihere sha H we go? Great id. Episode11 Co m p Iete the conve rsatl 0 n abou t wh e re you woulid like to go on holliday.

I I'd l! What are we going to do? Use i 2 multiple choice answers. Am] wha rs dr: Or re-write the conversation.. As'k and ex ph in h ow to say something in another language.

D10 you speak Spanish? UlsmfiIi1dout aboutw: IIthink iit's. Ask yo Is rNJIk: Jk rehsa rsl I'iIgfolr th e pa fit of a: Hlow much cam you remember? Whan was 'l: Bi1llf Gordo n Check.. Ti ggy Eunh:: IHe's asking: A'rlrlie to m. Howare you? Hi" Camero n. London On Fire? The sea po? Usa VerY. O Bye! Watch Part one-and tick that yOLlll hea.

And Miguel A B. Episode 12 Partone. Bridg t whm'S wrong? Why h. ISut tha rs miles away!. At midday? Where does Nick go first when he gets back from his audition?

IIdon't Ilove you. Where does IBridge'[ go after th e rna tdl? Did Hector understand why An nie was cross with him? Who do you think is speaking? What have they just said? Ch oose fro m the list. Episode Part three. I need a hairstyle that 2 3 4 Have I done Alrgenti. I prom ised you I'm goingto the a I wouldn't say anything. Did Nid get the part in London on Fire? She goes to the ha ird ressers wh en the 2 Bridget isn'tinterested ill the match Don't shout!

Before you watch Part two.: Look ail: Engiand won the Worl'd Cup.. WhO' won? Between Roger l'"'eaen? Use the questions to hellp you. Do ynupmm: Choose aIRY sports match that you remember.! Good u'!! Work ilil pairs. Who scored? IIWOil't open my present until my birn: NkeI Know it we'll. A Work in paks. Do you pn mi: I won't te]] you. Write the complete q uestionor st: Make new sentences.. Wrive been s: Payal lot fer it? B Now answer these questions.

But he's so good-looking! But you don't like --'? No you don't. B Look at the picture and answer the. Who do you think the girlls are talking albout? London on Fire.. IIs h e Does Nick agree to do an interview for Channel 9? Yes Ye-s Ce! How rnalilY bridesrn aids is Ann ie havi ng? I fancy You fancy li'e's.

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II 4 5 Does Annie want a big wedding? Yes lis Bridget still in love with Miguel? Wh at do yo u th ink is happenjng? H ector's mother has met Bridget before. Don't worry Hector. Are th ase se nten ces t ru e or false?

Do you think she's talking about til lB. No Sh e does n't Iike Annie at all.. Hector and Annie Ito ge. Guess them fi rst. A Before you watch Part th ree. PClrt nvo. You'll just have to wait and 4 Nick: Oh thank you Nick. I am here with Nick Jessop. Does thi s mea n that N kk a has iustcome from filming the show? Do you think London alii. Does this mean that Nick and Hector a willi solve a problem together? Yes No Hector and Annie tell her that they are notgettjng rna lfIli ed. B Now watch Part three.

Yes No.. Watch Part two. S After seeing London on Fire. Annie cutti rig up? Your single lilfe is over. We go places. Goodbye to drinking beer and watching football ill bed. Isn't it lovely. And we put: I meant her dress f I was talking" about her dress! C Complete the mini-conversations s i rn i la r m i su nde rsta ndin gs. A I see. And where are you going to live? Yeahl The Ferrari TestarQssa. Guess what? We're getting marriedl Great!

If s when the bridegroom is taken out by his best man to say goodbye.. SQ wh at ha pp ns? We have pa rties. Goodbye to eating cuny for breakfast. He's a nice man. Goodbye 1: Such as? Com plate this conversation a bout an EngHsh Stag Night. Where are you going to gee married? Com plete thi s conversation. In England. Where are you going to go on your hon. Whar kind of cllothes? We haven't decided y. IEN D. Make up.. What lis a Stag Night? Yes No aga inst ge nencallv-mod ified food.

ISie she had a bad day a t work. Then write a sentence using the seventh word in the list. Complete the sentences with six of these words. Check the n1eaningO'. No respect Hector has very good He says. So far. Al1In ie has.. Nkk has a pa lit ina TV progra mmea bo ut hos piltals. Hector and Annie are Il. Ann ie'sf. Q iJ Cc'. Is s he rid? Mrs Rome'm. Ib I don park. Yes why Hec. J Hector's mother shows Hector [itle pullover Rea d U. Prnd ict Hector's answers.

Heeter's mother went 5 the co lioU. This girl is. H ecror. I r of Hector's new home yOI!! What do thi nk she is doi rig? I've got Annie. An nie is my princess. B look at the p ietu re and. Why did Hector's father calli?

A II th eli nes are spoken by Hector. B Now watch Part two a nd answer the questions.. I'm sony. Mrs Rome ro a I1Id Annii e m! Mrs Romero? He must stop shopping on site? I Part three. Ib Oh. MOFle polite ways ofas. A Ccm Iil ect th two pa rts of t heexpla na tio ns. M wa lilt? I need to get to M if! Can you do mea B. Episode 14 SCIy'sornefhing ex. That de pends. Jj Id you pass ilbily do sam eth ingfor m E!?

S whalt? Davl d Beckh if! What is Hector's first language? In this ep. Yes fQrce someone to leave a place such as a nligrrb. Match t: What's a bouncer? Wily "Ire you dressed in black? A Read the captions. B look at the photo and answer the questions. Then watch Part one and an swer th e questions. Nick Annie: I are looking at the new man on [be door at Ice.. What are Hector and Annie talking about? You dIon' t have to be a tough guy' for me.

IIi rl L. Ai'll I'll ie: H ector' Two yealr5 01dl They we fe babies! And [hey were. A fIE! Watch Part two and complete Hecte r: Di d I tell you about the ti me th ree peop Ie tried to fight me?

Hector- Y: What does Annie want to do with Hector? MOll n: Episode 15 Part three Look at the picture and complete the sentences.. Alex likes hisjobbeonu: Hcnv about getting u ntlwta troo? And some ImQII! Co rnp lete th is c. I m bu Ii1guy. Now write a similar report about 'One of the foUowili1g people im the news. Why did IHle r em uy eo 'I: In order b e s! I'm bored! Comphrte these shorlI: A Com plle.

Andwihy didn't Hector gelt a REAlltattoo? Qll'llvesation r abeut the e: Th mil'S noth r ng 3. TV every day. A Complete these sentences.

Are you learning English? I don't. Do you speak Spanish? Is Hector exercise bicycle? Russian as well as English. D Now answer these questions about yourself. Italian fluently. Are you eating a sandwich? Are you drinking a cup of coffee? Spanish very well. I don't speak Spanish.

What are you doing now? Are you studying English? Are you listening to music? He doesn't speak English. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box. English very well. I'm not. C Complete the questions and answers in the table. Does he speak English? Would you mind doing my washing for me? Would you the window for me? Would you a drink? Give excuses. I'm really bad at it. I've never tried it! I can't at all. I'd really like to meet you.

I can't meet you tonight. I'm sorry OK.. Would you 2 3 to the cinema with me tonight? Would you for a walk in the park? Would you a little more quietly? I'm trying to sleep. I can't play the guitar. Remember me? I have to do my homework. Can you cook like my mother? Can you meet me tonight? You don't want to meet this person. Extr promises language learning with. Workbook 1 PDF. Extra English - Teacher s Guide.

Extr is a language-learning sitcom broadcast in many countries. The success and innovation of the series is that it combines real learning. Hello, Im in desperate need for Extra English Workbook 2 and have. Extra English from BBC chanel.

Extra English - Work book 1. S tay nui dy con th 2- Nhng em b edison enron pdf khn ngoan. New Inspiration 2. Students Book 2 Unit 1. Book 4 Unit 5. Ideas for using extr English transcripts in the classroom. Making the most of extr English Word 76KB.Who do you think is speaking? Sidorenko2 Extr is realy very useful and colourfull work which help to impruve your English in interesting and easy way.

He is making a promise about something he will do in the future. Where are you going to gee married? Workbook 1 PDF. Add I Melt the wh ires to the chocola te.

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Remember me? Use these verbs. Qll'llvesation r abeut the e: Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.