Lakshmi Ji Aarti. जय ऱ, य जय ऱ Om Jai Laxmi Mata, Maiya Jai Laxmi Mata, for Hindu culture, religious articles and fun filled family activities *:•. जो कोई जन गाता || मैया जो कोई जन गाता || उर आनंद समाता, पाप उतर जाता!! ॐ जय लक्ष्मी माता.. Download pdf or print this aarati. 1 जुलाई लक्ष्मी माता जी की आरती Om Jai Laxmi Mata - Shree Laxmi Mata Aarti in Hindi and English lyrics mp3 download pdf Tumko nis din.

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Lakshmi Devi Aarti. Om Jai Laxmi Mata, Maiya Jai Laxmi Mata,. Tumko Nisidin Sevat, Har Vishnu Dhata. Uma, Rama, Brahmaani, Tum Hi Jag Mata. ॐ जय लक्ष्मी माता, तुमको निस दिन सेवत, मैया जी को निस दिन सेवत हर विष्णु विधाता || ॐ जय || उमा रमा ब्रम्हाणी, तुम ही जग. Shree Santoshi Mata Aarti - Hindi Text श्री लक्ष्मी माता जी की आरती. Shree Lakshmi Mata Aarti. Click Here for Laxmi Mata Aarti - English Text.

Whosoever hymns this prayer to Lakshmi is purged of his sins and experiences the ecstasy of joy. He is worshiped with utmost devotion and admiration. Ganesha Aarti is sung before all the other aartis, since it is believed by the Hindus that Lord Ganesha banishes all obstacles and everything goes on smoothly once he is invoked.

Lord Ganesha is known by names and has a number of temples devoted to him. O great lord, you are the one-tusked, four-armed deity, whose forehead is marked by vermilion and rides a mouse. You are the one who gives vision to the blind and form to the paralytic, son to the childless, fortune to the poor, greetings to you O Ganesha.

Glory to you,O Ganesha. We devotees offer you betel leaves, flowers, dry fruits and sweets which you delightedly accept as offerings. All the sages attend to you O glorious lord.

Glory to you O lord Ganesha. It is one of the most famous aartis of all times and almost all the Hindus are well-aware of the tune of this aarti. Though other aartis and devotional songs with somewhat similar lyrics are sung on the same tune, this remains the original.

लक्ष्मी जी आरती Om jai laxmi mata Lyrics in Hindi and English

Victory to You, Hari, Ruler of the Universe, You make the troubles of your devotees vanish in a second.

Whoever thinks of You, gets results without any mental grief, Happiness and wealth come to his home, And his bodily woes vanish.

You are my mother and my father, Who else can I seek refuge from? There is no one else other than You for me, Who shall I yearn for? O friend of the downtrodden, O remover of grief, You are my protector, I am standing at your door, Please raise Your hand to assure me.

Diwali Puja Lakshmi Ji Aarti in Hindi

Please eradicate all material desires in me, And remove my sins, Increase my love for You and let me serve You. My body, my mind, my wealth, And my everything belongs to You, I offer what is Yours to You, What is there that is mine? Since being most admired of all the Hindu deities, it seems impossible for any Hindu puja to end without praying to Lord Rama. He is considered the epitome of the humankind.

Shri Ramachandra kripalu bhaju man, haran bhav bhai darunam. Nav kanj lochan, kanj mukh, kar kanj pad kanjarunam. Glory to you, O Mother, glory to you, mother Lakshmi.

You are yourself the consort of Brahma, Rudra and Vishnu and the mother of the world. The sage Narada sings your praises and the Sun and the Moon meditate on you. As Durga, you grant both happiness and prosperity and he who centers his attention on you becomes a recipient of all riddhis and siddhis Prosperity and Accomplishment. None but you dwell in the nether regions of the earth and you alone ensure good luck , bring to light the effect of action karma , and protect all worldly treasures.

All the virtues collect themselves. Where you have your dwelling ; with your grace and favour even the impossible becomes possible without causing any nervous agitation.

Fourteen gems with which none else is endowed. The Goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune and the embodiment of beauty and grace always showers blessings on her devotees. The Goddess symbolizes the great illusion and is worshipped by all the Devas. The chanting of Mahalaxmi empowers the human soul with purity, love and grace. Chant the name of Goddess Laxmi and attain the ultimate happiness.

Find more Aarti with complete lyrics in English and Hindi font with translation Here. Lakshmi Poojan. Om Jai Laxmi Mata. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Happy New Year Gif. Happy New Year Wallpapers. Navratri Puja. Home Hindu Aarti Lakshmi Aarti: Om Jai Lakshmi Mata.It is similar to the ritual of doing auspicious red mark s using kanku kumkum and rice. This understanding would give the believers strength to withstand the unexpected grief and keeps them humble and remindful of god during happy moments.

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In most temples in India, aarti is performed at least twice a day, after the ceremonial puja , which is the time when the largest number of devotees congregates.

You are yourself the consort of Brahma, Rudra and Vishnu and the mother of the world.

Aarti laxmi jai laxmi mata hindi devotional aarti. It's also believed that goodwill and luck can be taken through symbolic hand movements over the flame. Char Dham Ki Aarti: