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Cambridge IELTS 6 Examination papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: English for Speakers of Other Lang DOWNLOAD PDF. Cambridge IELTS 6 - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. IELTS Cambridge 6. Camrbidge IELTS 6 PDF Free Download. Cambridge IELTS has some course materials for example Cambridge IELTS Book 1, IELTS 2, IELTS.

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B at least one foot on the ground. C two feet off the ground.

B used available technology to make a new system. C was already an expert in motion picture technology. B people could only see very short films. C the camera was very heavy. C used the American system. B a French and German team working together.

C a German team who invented the word 'cinema'. B the camera. C the film projector.

B adding three more film reels to the system. C making one of the film reels more effective.

Questions Reading Passage 1 has five marked paragraphs. Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

IELTS scoring system and band scale

The study compared the proportion of wealth poured into transport by thirty-seven cities around the world. This included both the public and private costs of building, maintaining and using a transport system. The study found that the Western Australian city of Perth is a good example of a city with minimal public transport.

Professor Peter Newman,! STP Director, pointed out that these more efficient cities were able to put the difference into attracting industry and jobs or creating a better place to live.

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According to Professor Newman, the larger Australian city of Melbourne is a rather unusual city in this sort of comparison.

He describes it as two cities: 'A European city surrounded by a car-dependent one'. Melbourne's large tram network has made car use in the inner city much lower, but the outer suburbs have the same car-based structure as most other. Australian cities. The explosion in demand for accommodation in the inner suburbs of Melbourne suggests a recent change in many people's preferences as to where they live, Newman says this is a new, broader way of considering public transport issues.

In the past, the case for public transport has been made on the basis of environmental and social justice considerations rather than economics. Newman, however, believes the study demonstrates that 'the auto-dependent city model is inefficient and grossly inadequate in economic as well as environmental terms'.

One objection is climate. Some people say their city could not make more use of' public transport because it is either too hot or loo cold. For example, Newman accepts it would be hard for a city as hilly as Auckland to develop a really good rail network.

However, he points out that both Honk Kong and Zurich have managed to make a success of their rail systems, heavy and light respectively, though there are few cities in the world as hilly. A in fact Newman believes the main reason for adopting one sort oftransport over another is politics The more democratic the process, the more public transport ,s favored.

He considers Portland Oregon, a perfect example ofthis. Some years ago federal money was granted to build a new road. However, local pressure groups forced a referendum over whether to spend the money on light rail instead. The rail proposal won and the railway worked spectacularly well.

In the years that have followed, more and more rail systems have been put in, dramatically changing the nature of the city Newman notes that Portland has about the same population as Perth and had a similar population density at the time. B In the UK, travel times to work had been stable for at least six centuries, with people avoiding situations that required them to spend more than half an hourtravelling to work.

Trains and cars initially allowed people to live at greater distances without taking longer to reach their destination. However, public infrastructure did not keep pace with urban sprawl, causing massive congestion problems which now make commuting times far higher.

C There is a widespread belief that increasing wealth encourages people to live farther out where cars are the only viable transport.

The example of European cities refutes that. They are often wealthier than their American counterparts but have not generated the same level of car use. In Stockholm, car use has actually fallen in recent years as the city has become larger and wealthier.

A new study makes this point even more starkly. Developing cities in Asia, such as Jakarta and Bangkok, make more use of the carthan wealthy Asian cities such as Tokyo and Singapore. D Newman believes one of the best studies on how cities built for cars might be converted to rail use is The Urban Village report, which used Melbourne as an example. It found that pushino everyone into the city centre was not the best approach.

Instead, the proposal advocated the creation of urban villages at hundreds of sites, mostly around railway stations. E It was once assumed that improvements in telecommunications would lead to more dispersal in the population as people were no longer forced into cities. Here you will find a sample from the answer sheets. You will find those sheets in your real exam and you should know how to deal with it to avoid any mistakes at the time of your exam. But don't worry, the examiners will explain how to deal with it and how to write your answers on it.

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How to download the books? You can put your Email in the comments to receive all these books. No comments: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Download for free.Do you think this has been a positive change? The children of the newly-literate mothers were also better nourished than those of women who could not read.

But do the drugs industry's sales and marketing strategies go too far? Supersave travel after 8. Originally these were conceived as appear more real to us than we do ourselves.

According to Professor Newman, the larger Australian city of Melbourne is a rather unusual city in this sort of comparison. Reading and Writing Test A.