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However, these were not different people. In this case, this donation was given to 51 persons, and it is noteworthy that 31 received it more than once over the years. In this case, widows were once again benefitted, including eight who received donations between and This type of information is corroborated by notes in the records. Petitions from females were predominant, but there were also some by men.

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Religious celebrations, in some confraternities, spent almost all of their revenue Thus, in , a widow, Bernardina Teresa Rosa, claimed state of indigence to justify the delay in her payments and be registered as poor, 50 as did another widow, two years later, who justified her request saying she was very "alienated" after her husband's death, citing the "hardships of the time", a possible allusion to the aftermath of the French invasions.

In these cases, it was common for women to request the benefit for themselves - claiming poverty, disease, or having maiden daughters or young sons - or ask alms for their maiden daughters. In most of the petitions - 25 widows, three single and two married women - there were allusions to the fact that they lived in retirement or had a commendable behavior, showing the parish priest as a witness.

Let us bear in mind that among the characteristics that defined the dignified and honorable woman, were seriousness, circumspection, modesty, prudence and, of course, virginity, especially as the female honor depended on sexual behavior.

If one acts financially to prevent economic hardship, is only because this leads to moral poverty". After all, the debate about the selection of the poor according to their behavior motivated interventions among both the laity and the churchmen.

If we take into account the typology of poor reported by Jean-Pierre Gutton 62 i. The number of donation recipients varied greatly over the years, with people who were contemplated for several successive years Here are some examples. Among women claiming poverty without clarifying the reason, one said that "she was living in utmost poverty, without the means to feed and care for one 7-month-old son who is sick". For example, Teresa da Piedade made it known that "due to the death of her husband, she was living in poverty, lacking the means to be able to sustain her and one deranged son".

Josefa Barbosa stated: [She] became really poor after the death of her husband, in the company of two sons, without any sources of income besides from her handiwork, from which she makes a living and that she is currently unable to perform the work due to an illness. Women, when claiming old age, mostly preferred referring to the fact euphemistically. Joaquina Baptista said to be "of a certain age" and "bulging in years", 74 whereas Maria Joaquina claimed to be of "hefty age".

In , he stated that he served the Confraternity for 27 years and, in , that he had been a brother for 48 years 85 Joaquim Manuel Pereira also indicated his age, in this case, 83 years. Petitions from men, in general, indicated disease or advanced age that prevented them from working, whereas those from women cited widowhood, old age, disease, and the existence of several minor children, some of them being sick.

In many petitions, more than one cause was reported, while others only referred to poverty, without adducing the reasons for it.

Let us try to summarize the answers to the questions initially raised. The 51 beneficiaries earned alms, which gives us an average of 4. This fact, as was previously noted, shows serious disparities, as eight people received donations during the years under study, having received monetary aid more than once per year.

Poverty motivated women and men to beg, mostly claiming widowhood, old age, illness, or the fact that they could not work for any other reason The documentation only provides us data on the confreres' occupational areas.

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However, we do not believe assuming these men were linked to maritime occupations, along with some clergymen and some serving military, to be far from the truth. Consequently, widows, even those dedicated to sewing or similar activities, upon losing their husbands - their most important source of income - were in extreme poverty, exacerbated by the fact that they are old, ill, or had several children to provide for.

The existence of unmarried daughters, in these female hearths, was yet another concern often mentioned. The exception was timely, in the year , when one legacy intended for the needy women, whether or not sisters, married, single, or widowed, was distributed. Poverty was, in this context as in many others, a mostly female prerogative. The alms distributed by the Confraternity to these 51 men and women were certainly very relevant to address the daily hardships of these poor people.

However, we cannot help noticing that the Confraternity cared or at least invested far more in the worship and spiritual support than in the material support.

The festivals celebrated during the Holy Week and on the day of Corpus Christi - alongside the services of the deceased and the masses for the souls of the deceased members and their wives - were, judging by the expenditures, that is, by the practice of effective assistance, the true foundations of this Confraternity, like so many others.

Teresa Ponces for the expertise, encouragement, and support in locating and providing the series of the topic of our interest.

In Spain, some mentions were found in which confraternities of the Modern Era continued to serve food on festive occasions and also offered food to the poor and imprisoned at certain times. Pero el Sr.

Lista Do Conteúdo - 13.000 Livros de 3.500 Autores

Manuel Valverde. Prior de nuestro Convento de D. Presidente, sino que ponian en ejecucion otros muchos medios y arbitrios que les dictaba su prudencia y que, acelerando los pasos al consuelo, hicieron menos doloroso el golpe. Arzobispo, los Sres.

Ministros de justicia, el Sr. Venerable Cabildo, el Sr. Contador de Cuentas D. Salvador Dominguez, los referidos Oficiales reales, el Lic. Manuel Gonzalez Batres, Alferez real: D. Juan Fermin de Aycinena, Depositario general: D. Cayetano Pavon, D. Francisco Ignacio Chamorro y Villavicencio, D. Nicolas Obregon y D. Simon Larrazabal, D.


Se nombraron Comisionados, por parte del Sr. Presidente, al Sr. Arzobispo y su Cabildo, al Sr. Juan Gonzalez Batres y al Sr.

Quisiera el Sr. Arzobispo asociar en su partida al Sr. Juan de Dios, su Prior y Administrador, Fr.

Basilio Villarrassa, Juez de hospitales, y de las activas disposiciones del Sr.Luego fruta es temprana. Figure 6. This apparent contradiction is easily explained by the fact that the Maya themselves have collected them for a long time.

Religious celebrations, in some confraternities, spent almost all of their revenue Thus, in , a widow, Bernardina Teresa Rosa, claimed state of indigence to justify the delay in her payments and be registered as poor, 50 as did another widow, two years later, who justified her request saying she was very "alienated" after her husband's death, citing the "hardships of the time", a possible allusion to the aftermath of the French invasions.

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